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If you need a corporate film for your adventure facility, your restaurant, hotel or any other industry I am the right person to contact.

A nice film and some clips to present online or on fairs is a very important opportunity to get more clients, increase the awareness of your brand or keep your customers updated.

If you would like to get a documentary of your passion or trip I am happy to help you out!

Cinema, TV, Youtube or social media - I am able to produce almost any kind of film or content that you can imagine.

My job starts with planning and scheduling your project together with you.

We do the Filming together or - depending on what the subject of the film is - I will do some shots on my own as well.

Whatever fits best to the project.

After our shoot, that normally allows between 3 to 10 days, I take care of all the complete postproduction.

As I can do the editing, color grading and sound design on my mobile system I have the possibility to finish the film on site.

This allows short distances between the client and me for fast coordination and gives the chance to reproduce possibly missing shots.


I work as a one man show most of the time that has two very big advantages.

Short and quick logistical discussions and creative decisions with the client.

It also gives us the chance to not disturb nature and animals and we can also get the most natural shots and situations into the camera.

This would not be possible with a big film team.

I own some very good equipment including cameras, lenses, lighting, sound equipment and of course a drone.

That makes us very flexible and almost everytime ready to go.

Another advantage of the own equipment is that I don't need to spend loads of money renting the gear if the trip lasts longer than expected or has down time in between.

I also collected a proper archive with shots of awesome places and animals what gives the chance to add these to your film if time or budget doesn't allow it.


- full film production out of one hand / finalizing the film on site

- working worldwide with loads of experience

- own equipment to reduce time and budget

- drone with all necessary documents

- available shots in archive

Please take look at my showreels to get an impression what might be possible.

Let me know if you have any further questions or need some input or a quote for your project.


We will make it happen!

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